GLOSSYBOX – The September Issue

I first heard about GLOSSYBOX when reading a post about it on Thunder + Threads.

I like the idea of trying miniatures of products before spending a fortune on the actual size, so I went to the website to explore GLOSSYBOX a bit more and was I impressed. For just 12 pounds every month, GLOSSYBOX sends you a mix of 5 different product miniatures for you to test at home.

And if you review the products, you’ve tested, on their website you receive Glossydots which is a kind of points system. When you reach 1000 Glossydots your next GLOSSYBOX is free!

I received my GLOSSYBOX for September today and really, they don’t disappoint! The packaging is so adorable. It would actually be perfect as a gift or birthday present for someone who really loves beauty products I think.

The packaging…


The miniatures I received….

L-R: Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing exfoliator,

Móa The Green Balm and

Plum eau de parfum by Mary Greenwell

HD Brows Eye&Brow Palette

Unfortunately one of the shadows in my HD brow palette was broken when I received the package this morning but with a quick clean up I was able the salvage what was left!

I’m so excited to try these products now and will definitely be ordering my next GLOSSYBOX for October!


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