So in anticipation of my trip to London last week, I had the strangest urge to bake.

Not just any old cakes though… oh no no NO!

But to bake Hummingbird’s most scrumptious cupcakes I have ever tasted. For anyone that knows me, knows well, that Hummingbird Bakery holds a special place in my food filled heart.

My sister first introduced me to the delights of this delicious bakery a couple of months back when we both lived in London and it’s been a love-love relationship ever since. Especially when they opened up their newest bakery in Frying Pan Alley which was a five minute walk from where I lived at the time.

Anyway, I could go on and on about Hummingbird Bakery but alas I will leave you with some photos of my attempts at recreating their tasty Red Velvet Cupcakes….


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