Finally I have a job!

It took long enough but I am now a sales advisor at Topshop, Dublin. I’m quite excited actually, for the mere fact I LOVE Topshop’s clothes and accessories but also that lovely feeling you have at the end of the month when there’s money in the bank!

So with any excuse to celebrate with what little money I have, I headed to Penneys (Primark for the rest of the world) to spend some mula. Penneys is my go to place when I need to pick up a few cheap bits and bobs such as accessories. I always buy my jewellery there as I’m forever misplacing things and ever since River Island took over the chain, they’re as fashion forward as ever with their creations!

Check Bag – €11

Camera Charm – €2

Teapot – €1.50



GLOSSYBOX – The September Issue

I first heard about GLOSSYBOX when reading a post about it on Thunder + Threads.

I like the idea of trying miniatures of products before spending a fortune on the actual size, so I went to the website to explore GLOSSYBOX a bit more and was I impressed. For just 12 pounds every month, GLOSSYBOX sends you a mix of 5 different product miniatures for you to test at home.

And if you review the products, you’ve tested, on their website you receive Glossydots which is a kind of points system. When you reach 1000 Glossydots your next GLOSSYBOX is free!

I received my GLOSSYBOX for September today and really, they don’t disappoint! The packaging is so adorable. It would actually be perfect as a gift or birthday present for someone who really loves beauty products I think.

The packaging…


The miniatures I received….

L-R: Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing exfoliator,

Móa The Green Balm and

Plum eau de parfum by Mary Greenwell

HD Brows Eye&Brow Palette

Unfortunately one of the shadows in my HD brow palette was broken when I received the package this morning but with a quick clean up I was able the salvage what was left!

I’m so excited to try these products now and will definitely be ordering my next GLOSSYBOX for October!


I have to apologise. I’ve been in total hiatus for oooh let’s say the past month, but now I’m back and looking forward to getting this show on the road! From now on I’m going to try post as regularly and often as I can.

It’s been a tad hectic the past month. I finished up my internship with BLINK, probably the most fun internship I’ve done to date. The girl’s there are the loveliest bunch to work with. Getting the chance to work on events such as the Dublin Fashion Festival and meeting the likes of Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney was a pretty great experience too.

To the present I am studying Fashion Industry Practice  and so far, I LOVE it! My course tutor, Jan Brierton, is a working stylist herself and has so much knowledge and experience within the industry.

On Tuesday, Rebecca Morgan from Morgan the Agency came to speak to us about booking models and photographers for photoshoots. It was a really interesting talk and I’ll definitely be giving her a call when it comes to building my portfolio. Next week, the amazing Irish designer Peter O’Brien is also coming in to give us a talk which I’m really looking forward to and will keep you posted on.



So for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been wondering what to do with my life now that I’ve moved home from London. After studying fashion and textiles at London College of Fashion this year I’ve decided to continue along that path but with a more fashion buying and styling focus.

I had applied for two PLC courses, Fashion Buying and Merchandising in Crumlin and Fashion Industry Practice in Marino, a few months ago and just had both my interviews. They went considerably well I think, so now I’m just waiting with my fingers, eyes and toes crossed to see what happens!

The print above is Fergus O’Neill’s Irish take on the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters produced by the British government during World War II. He hopes to sell 42 billion of his interpretation and give a euro back to the state for each one he sells, as a solution to the banking crisis! Kinda funny…

Find more of his stuff here:




Apologies for my lack of posting the past week but as the title says it’s “better late than never”.


Been quite a busy, busy week this week.


Tuesday myself and two friends headed off to the Hotpress Yearbook and Who’s who Launch party in Crawdaddy to rub shoulders with I suppose you could the social scene of Dublin city. Needless to say I couldn’t put faces to names but did very much enjoy the live music, free drinks and food!

Front row seats!

Thursday was another busy, busy day. We had the launch of the Jean-ius Jeans style station for The Fashion Movement at the Jervis Shopping centre. Got to meet the amazing Brendan Courtney – I love his style! The photoshoot went great and it was such a good experience to be involved with.

Some photos from the shoot:

Brendan and the girlos

This weekend is a total chillout weekend. I might just get around to reading the Vogue magazine I bought two weeks ago! I promise I’ll start posting more regularly…have a good one!


As most of you know I have started interning with BLINK pr and today is my second day! Here are a few things I found during my day….

George Craig…NOM

Super Mario inspired earrings

When it came to vintage clothing and markets I always felt as if Dublin was totally behind. Having lived in London where every street corner a vintage/charity clothing shop and every borough a market I never really thought that the fair city had a lot to give when it came to good vintage.

Well well I am happily mistaken. Having had to do a bit of research on different events going on in Dublin over the next few weeks I came across a lovely little event happening this Saturday from 5 o’ clock onwards in the Little Green Street Gallery!

More info here :

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Paris, oh how I love that city. I really must go back and visit sometime. This caught my eye today and it just captures the romance that Paris evokes.

Truth Is by Rory Bowens and Rosa Nutty

I just had to post this song as it is so beautiful and so simple. One I simply can’t stop listening to.


One thing I love is Textiles. Textiles for Fashion, home furnishings, etc etc. Having interned at Beyond Retro’s Vintage textile and print archives in London back in May, I have a new found love for Vintage textiles and Vintage inspired textiles.

Dublin based Textile designer Jennifer Slattery ( sister) hits the nail on the head with her designs .

Take a look here:



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