As most of you know I have started interning with BLINK pr and today is my second day! Here are a few things I found during my day….

George Craig…NOM

Super Mario inspired earrings

When it came to vintage clothing and markets I always felt as if Dublin was totally behind. Having lived in London where every street corner a vintage/charity clothing shop and every borough a market I never really thought that the fair city had a lot to give when it came to good vintage.

Well well I am happily mistaken. Having had to do a bit of research on different events going on in Dublin over the next few weeks I came across a lovely little event happening this Saturday from 5 o’ clock onwards in the Little Green Street Gallery!

More info here :


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I AM NOW AN INTERN LADY… with a personal shopper

A couple of weeks ago I decided to book in with a Personal Shopper in Topshop, Grafton Street, Dublin. Can I just say the experience was actually brilliant!

First of all it’s free and there’s no pressure to buy anything. Also you get your own private changing room away from the rest of them with drinks and cakes…AMAZING!! Julianne, the personal shopper was great. She was picking out clothes I probably wouldn’t have found had I been shopping myself. It was so good the overall experience and I will definitely be going back again…once I get myself some money !!

Okay back to the present…

Ooooh I am too excited today. I’ve landed an amazing PR internship with BLINK in Dublin. And talk about perfect timing I’ll be working on the Dublin Fashion Festival!! Ahhh!

More info on the festival here:

I love how fashion bloggers show you clothes they’ve bought so i thought I’d hop on the bandwagon as I simply can’t keep these gems to myself! By the way apologies for the ridiculous photos, currently I have no camera…sad times!

The first of my purchases I set eyes on in Topshop,you’ll soon learn that I basically live in that shop!

The cutest little bag I’ve seen!! It was 38 euro which I’ll admit is very steep for a small bag but I just couldn’t resist!

My second purchase of the day was abeautiful chiffon button up shirt from New Look for 30 euro. It’s like a beige/dusty pink colour and has such a vintage look to it with it’s embroidered detail.

I would usually wear it buttoned all the way to the top which I feel makes it look neater at the collar and of course tucked into a high waisted skirt or a pair of shorts.


Paris, oh how I love that city. I really must go back and visit sometime. This caught my eye today and it just captures the romance that Paris evokes.

Truth Is by Rory Bowens and Rosa Nutty

I just had to post this song as it is so beautiful and so simple. One I simply can’t stop listening to.


One thing I love is Textiles. Textiles for Fashion, home furnishings, etc etc. Having interned at Beyond Retro’s Vintage textile and print archives in London back in May, I have a new found love for Vintage textiles and Vintage inspired textiles.

Dublin based Textile designer Jennifer Slattery ( sister) hits the nail on the head with her designs .

Take a look here:



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